Rhythm and Riches – October 22nd

Thank you for making this event a success. We raised over 30K for Saint Michael’s School. We look forward to making the event even better next year.


  • Chances to win up to $25,000

  • Amish Outlaws, Straight out of Lancaster, and direct to us

  • Robbie Boothe, Local Up and Coming Super Star

  • Lots of cornhole, food, and fun

  • Raffle tickets are $50 and include the concert

  • Tickets are also available for the concert only – $15


Archangel Foundation

Golf  Tournament Sponsors

Thank you so much for your support!

Dean Lumber & Supply

Ridge Hardware

Patuxent Dental

Bayside Dental

Armitage & Armitage

Stone’s Powerwashing

Knights of Columbus (Ridge)

K of C Belles (Ridge)

American Legion (Ridge)



Taylor Gas

J. F. Taylor

Gridiron Grill