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Archangel Scholarship Foundation Purpose

The Archangel Scholarship Foundation Corporation has been formed to help families with children attending St. Michael’s School, Ridge, MD meet their financial commitments through a scholarship program.

The Foundation explores sources of funding via grants and other public funding programs. One of the Foundation’s goals is to expand our funding sources beyond the parents, parish and local community.

Foundation members dedicate their time and effort to research grant opportunities and apply for the grants and other sources funding that fit our needs.

Our goal is to act as a perpetual source of financial assistance to benefit the families of St. Michael’s School,  so that no deserving scholar is deprived of a Catholic education due to a shortage of funds.


The Foundation is responsible for:

1.  Receiving and depositing of funds, grants, bequests, awards, and donations made to the Foundation.

2. Receiving the scholarship applications; ensuring information privacy is maintained for all applicants.

3. Determining the scholarship awards based on the established weighing criteria.

4. Accounting for the disbursement and management of the funds for the scholarship program.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Click here to donate online.